Ideas To Do At Baby Shower

You have friend who is pregnant and you intend to organize baby hampers for her, then it is definitely a very sweet and beautiful gesture. No doubt, your friend is never going to forget it.

For baby shower guests are very important and you are confused over baby shower invites. As we all know the basic method of invitation include by post or email. The choice is yours but it is vital that baby shower theme along with basic information like what, location and RSVP instructions are clearly mentioned on it.

Ask your friend if she is registered with some baby shop/department, then you can make nursery list viewed to invitees and do not forget to mention about it. Well, you can also inform about it to guests when they arrive for baby shower.

If possible try to send invitation some days ahead at least one week in advance. In this way, your guests will have sufficient time to think and buy perfect gift for the mom-to-be.

Things to do at Baby Shower:

If you want the baby shower to be theme based, then look for the theme that is able to bind the things together. Though it is not necessary but if it is so then it will help you in making various decisions easily and guest will also enjoy it.

Decide how formal or casual, the baby shower would be and what type of food and beverages you have decided for different times.

The whole function is incomplete in the absence of some fun or crazy games with the guests and baby shower gifts offers top-quality, at low prices. But if you think that guests you have invited are not as such competitive then you can think about some other activities to entertain them.

Giving goody bag to all those who attend baby shower is a common trend. But if you wish you can keep something else for prizes. 

Another important facet you should consider is how big you want it to be? A very frank advice if you think you cannot carry the entire expense then honestly say about it to guests and they can chip in.

You Need to Pay for all These:

The main gift to be given to mom-to-be should ideally be big with the contribution of all. Also you need to pay for food ,beverages, goody bags, prizes to be given for games in the function, rent of the venue if you plan the epigram outside, decorations and cake.

Who to be Invited?

Since you are planning baby shower for mom-to-be and dad-to-be, it is your responsibility to discuss with them about the guests they intend to invite, and then you prepare the guest list. In this way you will not miss someone important.