What Is Corporate Catering?

When it comes to food catering Melbourne then it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between the differences of all the various forms of catering. Food for weddings, corporate events and general events is surely all the same, isn’t it?Wrong. There are lots of variables which change depending on what type of function you are catering for. For example, the type of food you serve or the type of atmosphere you are trying to set. If it’s a generic birthday party then finger food will be fine but you’ll probably need something a bit classier catering, for say, a wedding or corporate event. Also a birthday party might only require popular music, where as a corporate event might require themed music, flowers etc.

The generic BBQ catering Melbourne event generally comes in quite a few different forms, but almost always has the same goal – butter up perspective clients. With that in mind they usually take the form of working lunches, cocktail parties or product launches. Many come tailored toward the particular season (summer, winter) and come in all different shapes and sizes from beverages only to buffets, platters and barbeques. Now we’ve dealt with what corporate catering is, let’s look at what they offer. This may depend totally on what event or function you plan on catering for. As mentioned before the event could just be a working lunch or cocktail party, but some catering firms also offer services for Grand Prixs, festivals and equestrian events to name but a few! If you have the colossal task of organising catering for a Formula 1 Grand prix then a sit down banquet is a good bet. Banquets like this generally offer catering which can accommodate a large number of people and represents a classier feel – like eating at a 5* restaurant in a 15 feet tent.

If you do need an option like this then make sure you thrash out the important details like the amount of servings, the type of food and the timings they are served because not all prices are inclusive and need a separate quotation. There are plenty of other options for corporate catering and, if your needs doesn’t suit that of a Grand Prix or festival, then you have the option of picking something more abstract. As businesses’ attitudes have evolved over the years so have the caterers. With the arrival of companies such as Google and Facebook caterers can no longer go with the old school tried and tested. This is where Hawker style catering comes in. Revolving around the street food style of South East Asia especially, Hawker catering events recreate the atmosphere and deliver it straight to your front door… or wherever you plan on having it.There’s all the information you need, anyone feeling a little more confused than when they first started?