The Best Camping Hacks

Make sure that you have some quick foods as well. This way you wouldn’t have to go through too much trouble on this trip. Enjoy the outdoors and don’t forget to have fun! Camping has its challenges. And these challenges could only be overcome by thinking of smart ways to make things work. Nevertheless, it is surely a fun activity to be a part of. All you need to do is prep for all possible situations beforehand, and that could even mean a possible encounter with a grizzly bear, especially if you are in the typical wild, that is! This trip is far away from home and if in case you need something you cannot afford to drive back all the way. So the best thing to do would be to follow these hacks that are sure to help you out, whenever needed!

Protecting your toilet paperToilet paper is something that would easily become damp and soggy even if it is exposed to the slightest drizzle or splash of water. So protecting it from water and from being squashed are some of the hardest tasks ever. So one of the best hacks to protect this is by, getting a tub, plastic one would be ideal, and making a slit in the side and placing the paper roll in. You could also adjust a stick in to hold the roll in place. And when you want to get the paper out, all you have to do is pull it out easily from the slit.

A perfect DIY lantern Who says you need to be spending hundreds of dollars on fancy lamps? Instead you could be creative and try out this DIY trick without even getting your work shoes all messed up. Grab a huge plastic milk bottle or a gallon jug filled with water and wrap a head lamp around it. The fluorescent light of the head lamp would be a much more powerful source of lighting than any other torch. This trick is quite similar to the glow in the dark trick. So basically all you need to be purchasing is a head lamp, and that wouldn’t even cost as much as a fancy lantern!

Makeshift speakersCamping is all about, lesser gear and more fun. So you don’t have to worry too much about not being able to bring your speaker set, when you have the solution of making your own with just one thing that you have already got. Pick out a song on your phone or iPod and place it in a ceramic mug. Play the music and you will surely be surprised at the amazing sound it would make! Voila you have got yourself a speaker in no time!

Don’t leave the spice behindJust because you are going camping, doesn’t mean you have to leave back all your taste buds and shift to can food! Nor do you have to try to store everything within the spaces of a camping fridge freezer. Instead you could be smart and grab some empty tic tac boxes and fill them up with all those spices. And before you know it you have all the ingredients to make a good spiced meal! Try out these tricks and make sure you have the best outdoor adventure ever! camping-gear-sale