Cruiser Is Not Just Land Cruiser..

When we hear the word ‘Cruiser’ one word which comes in our mind is ‘Land Cruiser” and why not? Cruiser is a specific famous word, which is famous because it is attached with this car. Things are different now, they take not only advantages from big brand names but also they take inspiration (and just to give it a reminder call ‘inspiration is a positive thing’). So, to amaze our reader even more other than Land cruisers; Cruiser word comes before bicycle as well i.e. cruiser bicycle or cruiser bikes. Abruptly saying cruiser bikes may not ring a bell correctly as this term is not widely use, each one of us use the term bicycle or scott kids road bike for almost every two wheeler with a pair of paddles attached. Just to let this flow in the air (it’s not always true). 

Normal bicycle we all have seen (we all were kids after all) but this type ‘a cruiser bike/bicycle’ also referred as a ‘beach cruiser’ or technically ‘motobike’ a straight seating style, a single speed drive train, simple, strict and straightforward steel construction and balloon tires are some very common attributes of a cruiser bike. This style is suitable for moderate biking, heavy weight, balloon tires although make this bike slower but, actually it is to cater vacationers, candid bicyclists so the need of speed is not there when one is riding a cruise bike. Moreover, a non racing tag is always there one cannot just speed up things like they do in casual bicycle, mountain bikes or any other category. So if one wants to enjoy the cheap, comfortable, independent road ride; cruiser bike must be the first choice to make. Like mentioned before slower in speed, which makes it a pleasure ride low stress on thighs and legs boosts the comfort level even more. From the other angle on paved roads where moderate speeding in requiredthis kind can easily save the day. 

Initially we introduced a term ‘beach bike’, because of thick round balloon tires ride on a sand is quite a thrill imagine a bike which can be rode slowly on beach sand, great isn’t it? Usually on tourist attractions these bikes are rented, via the tourists can wander on the beach and enjoy the trip even better. One exclusive attribute related to this bike is “Pedal Braking system”. No need to press the handles with fingers, just move the pedal in reverse rotation and the bike is stop! Although some consider it as a disadvantage as it hinders during smooth ride but, some consider it as a convenience as they don’t need to engage the fingers and just legs. Customization related to shape, colors and features are easily found in a Cruiser bike category, ‘make it your own and ride it the way you own’. Upright seating posture, with an upright handle is a feasible choice in order to prevent back pain due to bicycling. road-bike