Thinking Small Is The Next Big Trend In Event Planning

The future is more about connecting and being able to interact with each other, when it comes to formal and informal gatherings. And keeping things nice and casual is also taking precedence. Event planners and people in general have come to associate large gatherings or events at large spaces creating barriers for conversation or actual dialogue to take place. With the hopes of changing this, many people are opting to have intimate gatherings in small conference venues Melbourne and dedicated spaces. corporate events Melbourne

Taking this in to mind, most of the property owners are looking to make use of small spaces to their advantage in creating informal or casual setting for people to hold gathering or even small family function with little hassle. Here are some of the new actions taken by these property owners to popularise the small in big concept further.Fun atmosphere: most of the corporate events Melbourne venues are taking a less formal approach by including elements of fun and play to their location. No longer are meetings held in stark white rooms with dark chairs.

There is more room to take breaks enjoy some games and even may be listening to some music. Including instruments or video games consoles that guests can use are also becoming popular. Repurposed space: some conventional spaces used for other purpose, such as, art exhibitions and even displays of corporate products are now popularly used to hold impromptu meetings to gatherings. Using art galleries as pop up spaces for yoga conventions or classes are proving a big hit. This trend is creating new use for existing spaces that were not possible or thought of before. A space for interaction: no longer are we expected to see large empty spaces with blank walls. More and more convention centres and property owners are using designers to create cosy and functional spaces with more couches, recliners, tables and chairs. More talking points are also encouraged with the use of sculpture and other forms of artwork as well.

Comfortable furniture: no longer are people willing to sit at tables while at a meeting or gathering, they opt to be seated on comfortable lounge chairs and feel more free and casual. Therefore more and more event planners encourage hiring seating that is able to provide that right atmosphere.

Spontaneous rule: with small venues having less formality associated with them, small gatherings are easy to organise hence their popular nature of being spontaneous than pre planned. Therefore more venues are creating unique small spaces that can be utilised by guests for various reasons. Therefore it seems that small is going places when it comes to hosting events and hosting small gatherings.