Answers For All The Questions And Solutions To All Our Problems

Modernization has engulfed the entire global space. We have travelled a long journey from the open schools to the present hi tech schools. The technology has helped us cover the distance seamlessly. It has indeed become the call the new time that we keep ourselves updated with the technology to be at par with others.

Computers have played a very important role in bringing us at par on the global front. Computers has dug its root deep in to the education system, ensuring that the new generation is not left behind. The joined effort of the government and the societies has made it possible for even the remotest school to have at least one computer. The education system imbibes the basics of computing in kids’ right from kindergarten. The computer lessons taught at the early stage has ignited and improved the education standards in the country. The new generation is tech savvy and even a year old knows how to start a computer.The importance of computing can be easily understood from the very fact that almost every education institutes offers a degree in computers. Even our oldest post offices which are indeed the spine of communication in our country have computers installed to carry the work. The government offices have shown an increase in answering the queries of the common man, all thanks to the computer network in such offices. The computer fondness doesn’t end here; we have come across distribution of laptops and desktops being used as a tool to attract the voters in the political campaign. 

Technology has served the country in many ways. The use of technology has empowered the common man and has also at the same time added to the skill work force. There is no question that the use of technology has indeed given rise in terms of employment to every sector in the country.

Computer network has spread and connected even the remotest part of the country in a way that any information is just a click away. The networking is improving with each passing day. There has been an increase in the enrollment for learning computers. The inclination towards computers has opened doors for not only for empowerment but also for employment. Computer Tutoring has become a source of income for many. The computer classes have an array of courses to offer at an affordable value for money price. From the basic know how of the computers to the advanced skilled course, the computer platter has a lot to offer. 

The computers have proved to be an additional hand for sharing our work load. We have slowly shifted our dependency on the technology. These computers seem to be the answers for all the questions and solutions to all the problems we face. It is said; too much dependency on anything is bad. Hence it is on us to define this too much for ourselves. After all its just a machine.

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