How To Time With Your Kids?

Spending time with your kids is really important. A quote read saying that “Children spell love… T-I-M-E ” This quote is absolutely true. If you do not spend enough time with your kids you will not be able to identify your children’s problems and their emerging talents and abilities. Noticing their abilities and talents is really important and you won’t know this without spending enough time with them. What happens when you don’t notice is that you as a parent will not be giving enough challenges to your kids to improve. Furthermore, you will be underestimating your kids or over estimating them when giving them tasks. This could lead to frustration from both and your kids. Sometimes they might want to spend less time with you because of this frustration.

Here are a few ways how you could spend time with your kids and watch them grow up in front of your own eyes in to someone greater than yourself.

Alone time

Spend some alone time with your kids. That is just you and your kid doing something you both like to do. This could be go watch a movie or just go to the park together play and spend some time talking to each other or buy a good toy for your children. Scheduling kids ride on toy every month and even writing it down on the fridge for your kid to see will make them look forward to it. They will know that you have them as one of your priorities. Look at here now to find out more kids ride on toy.

Let them help you

Just as much as you would want to be a part of your child’s life, your child would also want to be a part of your life. When you have things to do, try to ask your child to help out as well. This does not mean bombarding your child with work. Small stuff like, sorting out groceries, helping you send mails, making dinner, etc. One day when they grow up they will remember these things.

Take breaks just to spend time

Even if you are really on very busy day just take a 10 to 15 minutes break to spend with your kid. It will be both good for you and your kid. You will need that extra bit of break and your kid will have time to spend some time with you, especially by doing an activity with them such as using a playground equipment. 

Tell them that you love them

Every human loves to be told that they are loved by the people they care about. Wish them good night before bed and tell them that you love them. Even when they are going to school surprise them with small notes on the fridge or in their lunch boxes. Small things can go a long way to show that they are loved.

Bottom line is spend quality time with your kids. The connection is of utmost importance. When you look back at all these quality times you spent, you will be thankful for these memories. More than you, your children will be.