Learning To Use A Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a product that collects menstrual fluids and as it can be cleaned and re-used a cup it can last up to ten years. Menstrual cups when compared to other products such as tampons have proven to leak less and they have fewer health risks. Moreover, they are comfortable to wear.

Although at first it may prove uncomfortable menstrual cups are easy to use with practice and is eco-friendly and highly sanitary.

When you buy a menstrual cup you will have instructions accompanying it. Read it carefully on how to use the cup. Also read the instructing of keeping the cup clean.

Try the menstrual cup when you’re on your period and not when your dry. The reason is because the cup may not have enough lubrication and the position of the cervix may differ.

There are different kinds of fold to insert the menstrual cup. Try the different types of techniques until you find the one you’re comfortable with and buy the period cup in Australia.

The first time before you use the menstrual cup it should be boiled well. While you must wash your hands with soap before fixing the cup never wash the cup with soap but water to remove dirt and dust as soap may cause yeast infections among other problems.

When you tighten your pelvic muscles while trying to insert the menstrual cup it may make the process painful and difficult. Doing Kegel exercises such as Kegel weights will help you relax. Never despair if you feel uncomfortable the first time that you wear a menstrual cup as it takes some time to get used to.

Get into a comfortable position while inserting the cup. You may try squatting over or putting one leg up. Finding the cervix is important. You could stick a finger in to look for it, the higher up the cervix is the loss problems you will likely have. The cervix is like the nose with an indentation in the middle. Insert the cup keeping it folded and make sure it opens up fully once it is inserted. Although the cup can ride high and low the base should not peek out of your vagina.

Unless you have a heavy flow you can use the cup up to ten hours. For the first time a little bit of experimenting is required and so it would be a good option to consider wearing a backup too. Remove the cup carefully following the instruction given and dump the contents in the toilet or sink. Clean it well as instructed and store it in a breathable bag until the next time you use it.