Summer Garden Parties; Useful Tips And Suggestions

The world is definitely a less safe place to live in today. As much as we’d like, and as hard as we’d try, it’s nearly impossible to protect them from all harm and dangers. Playing outdoors by themselves may fall into such “dangerous for kids” categories pretty easily; depending on your neighborhood, of course. Rather than keeping them indoors until you feel they are old enough to look out for themselves, consider using your outdoor space to make a safe play area for your younger kids. This way, they’ll be outdoors, yet still be under your watchful eye.outdoor-shade-area

If you are planning on taking advantage of the bright summer days and throwing a fun and informal party for your friends and family, then the below tips and suggestions are exclusively for you…!

  • Choose finger foods and mess free foods – it’s a party; so you’re not expected to fill your guests with fancy food. Keeping the food you serve fuss and mess free will make it easier for you to organize it, serve it, as well as give your guests a chance to mingle while they nibble on their food; not having a heavy plate and cutleries bogging them down.
  • Be prepared for unexpected weather – sure it’s the bright summer months. But the weather in most parts of the world tends to get very unpredictable now a-days, and it’s always better being prepared for this. Erect outdoor shade structures to protect yourselves from harsh sun, as well as an unexpected rain.
  • Decorate with summery pastel colors – emphasize the summer feel by the use of colors. For your party decorations as well as the theme, chose bright summer colors and pastel shades. Don’t forget that even your serving dishes can play a part in bringing a pop of color to your party.
  • Make use of the natural lights; opt for fairy lights to complement it – as far as summer parties go, the ones in the sunlit gardens are our personal favorites. But if you can’t manage to throw your party when you can take advantage of the natural lights, don’t sweat it. Even tea parties in the afternoons and dinner parties are great options. Make sure to use tea lights and fairy lights as part of your decorations here.
  • Use throw pillows for seating as well as decoration – if you’re the kind of host who hates organizing seating arrangements for parties, then this is the ideal type of party for you. If you can manage to get shade structures for your party, you can arrange the seating “picnic” style on blankets on the grass. Make it further comfortable for your guests by adding on colorful throw pillows for leaning and sitting on.
  • If hosting for kids, make sure to have plenty of water and drinks at hand – if you’ve hosted parties before, you’d know how creative you can get with serving your drinks. But if you’re planning on hosting this party with kids as your guests (or even if they’re included in your guest list), make sure to have plenty of water at hand. The weather, being outdoors, as well as all the running around will definitely make them thirsty. Having plenty of water and kid friendly beverages at hand will definitely make your day as a host simpler.