How Important Is The Preschool For Your Child

Many parents consider that the kindergarten is the time of the school when the child actually starts to learn something and usually the age of the child in the kindergarten is around five or six years but what the parents do not consider is the years before the kindergarten are equally important but in fact these are more important because these help in establishing the base of the child. Although, the parents who themselves are educated and have proper time to give to their children could teach number of skills to the child at home as well without the need to go to the preschool but even then what the child could learn in the preschool Waterloo could not possibly be learn at the home. At home, the child may be able to learn different academic skills but he will not learn to interact with the new people neither he will be able to learn how to adjust in an environment which is new to him and not knowing this the child could get confused and could even forget and not able to show the skills that he already knows when he gets to the kindergarten. 

Since the preschool is different from the kindergarten, there are less rules, less academic pressure and more fun activities so that all the school things do not terrify the child and he learns to develop love with the learning and the schooling and this is how the child is able to adjust better and perform effectively in the kindergarten as he is already familiar with the school and the learning and for him it will be just the next level and he will be ready to have this change.

The preschool has many benefits, some of these are discussed here. Before going to the preschool the attention span of the child is very less which means that he is not able to maintain his concentration for the longer period of time and the preschool helps him increase it and therefore, when he goes to the kindergarten then he is able to focus more and the relatively longer academic activities do not make him bored and fed up. Since the child learns to read and write in the preschool and therefore, he becomes more fluent in both of these skills and advances in it. Not only this, but the preschool makes the child learn the discipline and due to this reasons the proper full day schedule does not appear to be a big deal in the kindergarten