Reasons To Wear Women’s Horse Riding Gear

When you are a horse rider, it is quite evident that one has to be in a proper kit and attire before they proceed with the riding. And even though getting the right outfit may be a little expensive, but wearing it is compulsory especially for the kids and ladies. If you are wondering why womens riding gear from Giddyupgirl is important, well that is because the safety and comfort shouldn’t be compromised when riding a horse. Let’s find out why you need each gear in order to ride a hose carefully with comfort.

  1. Helmet

For any rider, whether you ride a horse, bike, cycle or literally anything, it is important to wear a helmet as protecting your head is the first thing you should be doing. It is very crucial to wear a helmet as it is made in such a way that covers and protects your head in the right manner so that one doesn’t get any injuries therefore, never compromise on getting one for yourself.

  1. Gloves

Whether it’s cold or hot, a horse rider should always be wearing gloves in their hands because besides from keeping your hands warm as the basic purpose of gloves, they are important to give a firm grip on your hands so you are able to ride easily.

  1. Breeches and Jodhpurs

If you are looking for a suitable attire for yourself to ride the horse in a proper manner, then getting your hands on breeches or jodhpurs is the best thing you can do. Breeches and jodhpurs and comfortable pants that are made specifically for riding a horse. Not only they make you feel comfortable while doing the job but also give you a professional rider look that you have always desired of. These clothing have this soft pads inside them that also protect your knees if by any chance you fell down on the ground.

  1. Boots

Another essential that should be purchased in order to keep yourself safe during the ride is to invest in riding boots. These riding boots are ideal for giving the right grip because of the heel they come with and also allow free movement so you are able to ride comfortably. Make sure you are purchasing waterproof boots as they are easier to clean and can allow you to ride the horse under any circumstances. 

  1. Socks

Lastly, one should be sure of the fact that protecting your head and feet is the ultimate key of riding the horse, hence, the importance of specially mentioning socks separately. One doesn’t really want their feet to get numb during the cold weather which is why wearing socks is a must.