Facts To Know About ECG Monitor And How It Works

The heart is a sensitive and main muscular organ of the body. According to the World Health Organization, almost 31 % of deaths occur yearly in the world due to heart diseases. There are many causes for heart problems. It can be due to cholesterol or even from bad emotional effects. To keep the heart healthy you have to use proper nutrition and continuous check-ups if you are a heart patient. oximeter (electrocardiogram monitor) is a helpful device to check the heart’s performance. It performs tests to interpret the electrical behaviour of the heart and represent the result as moving lines on the monitor screen or paper. It detects different activities and behaviour of heart to perform analysis of heart rate’s rhythm, this helps to understand the cardiac problems that might cause serious health damage and even heart attacks or stroke.


Working principles and required time

To track ECG the wires and patches attached with monitor and electrodes are connected to the body. The electrodes detect the electrical impulses of blood flow and heart rate in the body and pass it to the monitoring device. The technological systems present in the monitor get the signals provided by the electrodes and convert them into moving lines according to these signals. Then the converted signals are shown on the screen in the form of lines and numberings. A medical expert can easily understand the readings on the ECG machine.

The time required for ECG is not fixed. It depends on several circumstances and the result you want to obtain. If you want to just check the heart’s performance for once it may be required for some minutes or even seconds to get the results. But in critical conditions for detailed results, it can take several days.


The most helpful ways to use ECG devices

ECG machines are not easy to use for long term by the patients, especially through wires or patches. It can be painful for long term use but if fitted professionally or the patient’s skin is durable and strong, it is not so difficult. Now the advanced ECG devices have been introduced which are more flexible and gentle to the body. Even the wireless and patch-less devices have been developed which can be used just by wearing it under the shirts like you wear normal fitness monitor devices. For such testings Apple’s digital devices can also be used. Now many digital device users have iPhones or pads so it has become easier for ECG monitoring. This development credit goes to Qardio which is an American company that is specialized in developing heart health monitoring products.