Adverse Effects Of Smoking On Health

In this day and age where everything is moving at such fast pace and there is a bundle of stress in every one’s life it has become extremely difficult to keep yourself sane and tension free without any kind of stress reliever. Smoking is said to be a greatest stress reliever as it has nicotine which provides a calming effect to the overall body and nervous system that is the reason it smoking a cigarette is also called a sweet puff in australia in lighter tone. Smoking is one of the most common addiction amongst us today. We can see not only adults but teenagers are also developing this bad habit rapidly and unfortunately damaging their own health adversely. Let us look at some of the drastic damages caused by smoking.

Lung damage

Nothing damages lungs as abruptly and severely as smoking. Whether you smoke cigarettes, hookah, vape, or a sheesha the smoke you inhale contains harsh chemicals along with nicotine that will ruin your state of lungs from inside as these chemicals are getting inside of your lungs through inhalation.

On average the ratio of males getting affected by smoking is 25 times and of females is 25.7 times and the most deadly disease one can get from it is lungs cancer, and more than 99% deaths of lung cancer are caused by smoking. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is one of the most common disease caused by excessive smoking which is as fatal as cancer and may cause even death of a person which according to a report of American Lung Association caused 80% deaths of smokers by COPD. Some more chronic illnesses caused by cigarette smoking are bronchitis, developing emphysema, and asthma attacks.

Heart disease

The chemicals and tar in cigarettes can increase a person’s risk of atherosclerosis, which is the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels. This build up limits blood flow and can lead to dangerous blockages.

Heart is the vital organ of the body which gets severely affected by smoking. The chemicals including tar, tobacco causes heart muscles to weaken and dropping the efficiency of its working by building up plaque in the blood vessel resulting in limited flow of blood to the heart and increased blockage.

Fertility issues

No matter how satisfying this sweet puff is, in females the smoke from a cigarette directly damages the reproductive cells causing difficulty in conceiving. Tobacco may be responsible for fluctuating the reproductive hormones in the body disturbing the overall efficiency of the reproductive system. In males prolonged smoking can cause erectile dysfunction.